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Shopify is one of the most popular platforms for e-commerce stores, and for good reason. It’s user-friendly, built to handle virtually any size/niche, and can scale as necessary. The challenge, of course, is finding ways to rank higher in Google search results.

Discovering solutions for the optimization of Shopify inside pages while maximizing traffic flow can be frustrating and time-consuming.

Working with a Shopify SEO expert can help ensure that you’re able to maximize visibility in Google—as well as other search engines—while building the robust digital marketing strategy that you need. From on-page SEO to off-page search engine optimization, a customized SEO strategy accounts for all the variables that affect your success.

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Shopify SEO

The Difference between Shopify SEO and Conventional SEO Services

Search engine optimization, usually abbreviated as SEO, is a critical consideration for any website owner that wants to rank higher and attract targeted traffic. That applies to e-commerce websites, of course, but also to any other website.

However, the specific steps taken to drive organic traffic where you want it will vary from platform to platform. With Shopify, SEO services must take specific steps that apply only to the Shopify platform.

What’s involved with optimizing for Shopify? SEO agencies can and should deliver specific solutions that go beyond what’s necessary for standalone websites, including removing duplicate URLs from the site, adding structured data for products, articles, and the Breadcrumb List, handling product variants the right way, compressing images to cut load time without sacrificing quality, and much more.

Finding an SEO agency that understands the specifics of ecommerce sales and boosting visibility for Shopify websites can be difficult, though. While many SEO services may claim to work with ecommerce clients, that does not mean they understand how to build visibility for Shopify stores.

I’ve worked in ecommerce SEO for years and have built a deep understanding of technical SEO and essential SEO strategies for Shopify websites. My in-depth knowledge of the platform and how it differs from standalone ecommerce websites, as well as other platforms like WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Magento, and Wix, ensures that I can create customized SEO solutions that speak directly to your unique needs and goals.

Whether you’re interested in starting a brand-new SEO campaign, improving conversion rates for your Shopify store, or exploring the world of content marketing, I can help. Contact me today to schedule your no-cost consultation.

Understanding the Components of Shopify SEO Services

Building a successful Shopify store requires more than just the right products and price positioning. It requires outreach, brand building, and raising awareness. Without a thorough, professionally-planned Shopify SEO campaign, leads won’t even know that your Shopify store exists, much less browse your options and convert to customers.

Shopify search engine optimization is the foundation on which you build that visibility. However, many components go into Shopify SEO. Ranking in search engines requires the right combination of steps at the right time. Orchestrating a Shopify SEO plan takes time, experience, and expertise, which is where a trusted SEO company can be invaluable.

Working with the right partner ensures that you’re able to build a successful ecommerce website, boost visibility through search engines like Google and Bing, and still focus on mission-critical goals and tasks while leaving all the SEO heavy lifting to the experts.

Keyword Research

SEO for Shopify begins with solid, in-depth keyword research. Identifying relevant keywords is not optional—it’s mandatory for all Shopify store owners. Without the right keywords, it’s impossible to build a successful ecommerce store.

Keywords are nothing more than the words and phrases that potential customers use when searching for products like those you sell. By identifying the most relevant keywords, you’re able to drive organic traffic to your store’s home page, individual product pages, category pages, and more.

Of course, it’s about more than just boosting organic traffic. It’s all about targeting. An expert SEO agency can identify the right keywords, keyword phrases, long-tail keywords, and variants to ensure that searchers who click through are the most likely to buy.

After all, consumers hitting your product pages and then bouncing out do you no good. You need interested consumers who need what you’re selling and who will buy after landing on your website. To achieve that, you need accurate keywords, as well as the ability to put them to use.

I do more than help my clients generate traffic for their ecommerce stores. As a Shopify expert, I offer monthly reports that help you achieve mission-critical business goals and drive sales revenue. Accurate, ongoing keyword identification is critical to building an online presence and then maintaining it against competitors and changes in consumer behavior. Get in touch today to schedule your no-cost consultation and learn more about how I can help you build a successful website.

Product Descriptions

The primary place for your keywords will be your product descriptions. You might be tempted to use the generic descriptions supplied by the manufacturer—don’t do it. I’ve seen too many online store owners try this, only to suffer low traffic because the descriptions were poorly written, not optimized for search, and used by other websites.

In addition to professionally-written, keyword-optimized descriptions, you’ll need to give every item an accurate, optimized title, as well as a meta description that will show in Google search results. Combined with high-quality images, this creates a one-two punch that grabs searchers’ attention and drives targeted, organic traffic right where you want it: to your products.

Unsure you can craft dynamic, optimized, relevant product descriptions that entice your customers while delivering the information they need to make informed purchase decisions? I work with clients to create original, compelling descriptions that help them stand out from the pack. Contact me today to learn how I can help you succeed.

Product Categories

You can list individual products on your Shopify site if you like, but understand that this isn’t likely to help you rank well. Use product category pages to spread your net wider and attract even more traffic.

You’ll need to optimize your category pages with your product names/types, as well as other relevant keywords. You can also pepper in relevant images (with evocative, optimized alt image tags!), as well as other optimized content to drive Shopify marketing success.

There’s also the challenge of adjusting your website’s internal linking structure. You’ll need to tweak the code within the product.grid-item.liquid file so that your collection/category pages point to the right URLs.

Not sure which product categories to create? Struggling with category page content optimization? I can help ensure your ecommerce site is successful.

Your Robots.txt File

A lot of ecommerce success depends on optimization, site speed, link building, and other well-known steps. However, you also need to pay attention to your site’s robots.txt file. By default, Shopify disallows search engines from crawling your checkout pages, order pages, shopping cart, policies page, administrative areas, and other areas.

This may not be optimal as your business grows, though. Eventually, it may be necessary to edit the robots.txt file to allow Google, Bing, and other search engines to crawl additional areas of your website.

Don’t know to edit your robots.txt file? Shopify experts can offer accurate editing to ensure that you keep robots from crawling key areas while still expanding the SEO net you’re able to cast through search results.

Other similar areas I can help with include NoIndex tagging, your sitemap.xml file, log files, and redirects. Get in touch today to learn more about technical SEO and how it helps optimize your site.

Blog Content

Blog Content and Other Outreach

Content marketing, including blogging, helps you create optimized marketing material that informs, educates, and delights potential customers. It also helps you build credibility with search engines when it comes to specific keywords, bolstering your Shopify marketing efforts considerably.

While email marketing, social media marketing, and other types fall under the broad banner of content marketing, blogging is one of the most critical for online stores. It provides numerous opportunities to:

  • Establish your authority
  • Build credibility with Google and with consumers
  • Educate your audience about the solutions to their problems
  • Highlight your products and how they help serve customer needs

For your blogging efforts to be successful, each post should be optimized with relevant keywords. They also need to include links to relevant products/category pages and external sites that help with your link-building strategy.

If you’re not sure how to create a viable content marketing strategy, I can help. Customized marketing services can boost your conversion rate, secure vital backlinks, and ensure you’re able to build a thriving business.

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