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A Leading Waltham SEO Expert with Over 10 Years of Experience

With over a decade of experience, I help medium-to-large B2C organizations improve their online visibility and achieve their digital marketing goals. Modern search engine optimization ensures discoverability through organic search, relevance to search intent, and more targeted traffic delivered where you need it most.

Driving Improvements in Search Engine Results

As an experienced SEO services specialist, I’ve worked with local businesses, as well as regional, national, and international firms to deliver customized solutions based on each client’s specific needs, goals, budget, and audience. It’s about more than just improved visibility through search engines – it’s about marketing that really works.

More Than "Just" Search Engine Optimization

Modern search engine optimization is about more than keyword research. It’s about creating marketing strategies based on the right search terms, setting accurate SEO goals, measuring progress towards meaningful KPIs, building links that establish the authority of the business, and, above all, clear communication with your target audience.

SEO Consulting

eCommerce SEO

Want to ensure your online store is successful? I help you attract potential customers and rank higher in organic SERPs.

Technical SEO

Climb the search rankings by tracking and maximizing meaningful user actions, targeting the right keywords, and following a fully-developed marketing strategy.

Speed Optimization & Web Development

Slow loading landing pages? You can bet it's costing you success. Get the speed you need without building a new website.

Website & Keyword Audits

Concerned that your website isn't seeing the organic traffic it should? It's all about your SEO strategy, including on-page and off-page optimization, web design, and other factors.

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Peter Rota

High-Impact SEO Consulting in Massachusetts.

Peter Rota has over a decade of experience working with local, national, and international business owners to create customized web pages and drive traffic where it matters most through organic search. Peter has been instrumental in helping some of the largest brands build robust organic search presences and drive traffic to their websites.

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Best SEO Agency Ever

Peter is awesome. If you ever need someone that will have your back, Peter Rota SEO is the company. We’ve worked together on a few projects and they have always done a great job. They are highly recommended.

David Uriarte

Working With Peter Was Our Smartest Decision

Peter and the rest of the staff at Peter Rota SEO really know their SEO. They’ve been a great asset to my company in generating new traffic and leads. I would highly recommend them.

Art Tatman

Peter Turned Out to Be the Ideal SEO Partner

I have nothing but good things to say about Peter Rota SEO. Having worked with them on a number of occasions I’ve always been incredibly impressed by not only their knowledge and expertise, but also their professionalism.

Thanks guys!

Michelle Penny