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My name is Peter Rota and I’ve worked with clients throughout Boston, greater Massachusetts, the United States, and globally to achieve measurable results and meaningful success. I can do the same for your business. With over a decade of experience, I’ve worked with entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, SMBs, and even S&P 500 clients. I bring in-depth experience with modern SEO techniques and strategies and create customized digital marketing solutions that help my clients build thriving brands. In addition, I’ve also worked with affiliate SEO during that time and have sold multiple affiliate sites in the low four-figure range

Let’s jumpstart your online success. Whether you’re building a brand-new corporate website or struggling to drive traffic to your e-commerce store, a customized SEO strategy can help. Contact me today to schedule your no-obligation consultation

Why Choose Peter Rota SEO?

Why work with me? Having worked with a wide variety of clients and websites, I have the unique experience required to take on any SEO challenge you may face. I work to create a unique plan tailored to your business’s specific challenges, goals, and audience to improve traffic and keyword rankings, ultimately improving your bottom line.

About Peter Rota

I’ve been deeply involved in digital marketing and SEO since 2012 when I began my journey in this industry with an SEO/social media marketing position for All IT Supported/Geeks Mobile. I mastered digital marketing strategy while working for Up Word Search Marketing and honed my skills in website auditing and analysis at C-4 Analytics, LLC in Boston. I’ve worn many hats over the years, from SEO strategist/specialist to auditor and analyst, and worked with clients in retail, marketing, finance, and technology industries to name just a few. With every relationship, I seek to bring something new to the table that helps my clients achieve goals and scale their businesses


Mission &


My mission is simple–delivering critical SEO solutions and strategies that help my clients improve their online visibility, drive organic traffic where it’s needed, and achieve mission-critical goals and growth. I’m committed to using up-to-date search engine optimization techniques and tactics and continually updating my knowledge concerning Google’s best practices and requirements. In an industry marked by constant change, I strive to provide my clients with reliability and dependability. From SEO audits to technical SEO improvements and everything in between, I’m committed to delivering the best possible services.


Online visibility should not be an obstacle to business growth and success. I’m committed to lowering the barriers that prevent my clients from achieving meaningful results through their websites. Through innovation, a commitment to excellence, and adherence to industry best practices, I seek to create opportunities for my clients, from small Boston-area businesses to S&P 500-levelorganizationsaround the world. I strive to bring integrity, transparency, and direct communication to every relationship. Isn’t it time your website delivered the results you need? Building an online presence and driving organic traffic from Google to your site is possible. It just requires the right SEO strategy and digital marketing tactics. Contact me today to schedule your free consultation.